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I'm Hsiang-Hsuan Tung.

My friends and colleagues call me Bread.

I am a Gameplay/UI Programmer.

I am graduated with a bachelor's degree in Science in Computer Science and Game Design from

DigiPen Institute of Technology. I’ve worked on various academic projects both on teams and individually, generally as a gameplay and UI programmer. For my latest teams, I also engineered the networking system for our projects.


For my personal projects, I have focused on technical design skills to design, create, and implement custom systems. 


While I’m currently working in Unreal 4.25, I also have experience with Unity and custom C++ engines.

I’m currently seeking full-time job or contract opportunities in gameplay or UI programming. 

I'm passionate about working with creative teams and learning new technologies. I'm driven to improve myself and my skills by my desire to create fantastic games and share them with the world.


Disclaimer: The following references are pulled from my LinkedIn page.


David Robson, Senior Designer at DigiPen

"It's rare to work with someone as diligent, flexible, and knowledgeable as Hsiang-Hsung. Hsiang-Hsung and I worked together for 7 months, developing "Just Desserts". During this time, his ability to take on any task that was asked of him, from revamping the game's combat systems to implementing the interactive systems, was unparalleled. Every task was completed ahead of schedule, was extremely performant, and easy to work with. He was a constant source of reliable energy, that takes any gameplay or system idea, and improves on it. During any team meeting, he not only helped to make sure we were focused, but that everyone was able to voice their thoughts and opinions, and that we all left with a smile. I can say with certainty that his dependability, flexibility, knowledge, and grace under pressure make him an excellent candidate for any position in gameplay programming or system design."

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