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Technical Demo Project


This project introduces the modular interactive system I developed in Unreal Engine for the game projects in DigiPen Institute of Technology.

Team Video Game Projects


“WExpolsion” is a multiplayer party game whose map is constructed by layers of cubes. 

The player’s goal is to make others fall and destroy as many cubes as they can while not falling to the underneath black hole. 

The players will be able to use different weapons to destroy cubes or interfere with other players.


In "Abyssal", you play as a woman from a coastal fishing village. A darkness has taken hold of the surrounding waters, so she takes it upon herself to delve deep into the ocean. As she explores the caves and tunnels below, she discovers a dark mutation that has taken hold of all marine life. 


“Robo Games” is a multiplayer party game which includes two game modes, "prop hunt" and "competitive racing".


“Steam Skies” is a top-down aerial combat game where the player targets and destroys steampunk-style enemies to loot upgrades for their own ship.


“Just Desserts” is a third-person action adventure game where the player takes the role of a cupcake on a journey through a candy land to foil the Muffin Man’s evil plan.

Personal Video Game Projects


"Nostalgia" is a horror game based on Japanese mythology, where you play as "Sato Kenta", a young college student who returned to his hometown only to accidentally opened a secret box that imprisoned evil spirits.


"Deep Blue" is a first-person exploration game where the player plays as a scuba diver who witnesses a shooting star falling into the ocean.

Personal Tabletop Game Projects


"Heaven" is a multiplayer combat tabletop game where the players need to survive within the outer world and the inner world.


"Log" is a two-player tabletop combat game centering on a fight between two tree-person.


“Nova-War” is a four-player tabletop team-tactics game centering on controlling the solar ball and using it to destroy the opponent’s base. 

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